Andy Sifferman
Embedded Systems Design Engineer

Andy Sifferman is an electrical engineer with more than 35 years of experience developing hardware and software for embedded systems. More than 350,000 of the products Andy has designed have been sold worldwide. Andy has applied his skills to the design of new products in numerous industries where embedded microcontrollers are used.

Examples of Andy's Work
These examples focus on the technical writing and documentation aspects of Andy’s work.
  • C++ API using Doxygen – This is documentation Andy wrote for a public API (application programming interface) for a black box fishfinder he was developing. He prepared this using the Doxygen documentation generator tool.

  • Technical Reference Manual – Andy wrote this document as a design spec in 2006-2007 while working at Airmar Technology Corp. The document was later repurposed and published as a technical reference manual. (This version of the document is publicly available on Airmar’s website. It includes minor changes that were made by other engineers after Andy left the company. 99% of the document, however, is Andy’s original material.)

  • Provisional Patent Application – Andy wrote, illustrated, and submitted this Provisional Patent Application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2011. He filed this as a pro se inventor, without the assistance of a patent attorney. (This patent application was eventually abandoned in 2014.)
  • In 2011, Andy Sifferman received 3M’s Circle of Technical Excellence and Innovation award for his contributions on a team developing a remarkable 46″ large format multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen.

  • In 1996, Andy was a leading member of a team of engineers who were awarded Raytheon’s prestigious Thomas L. Phillips Award for Excellence in Technology.

  • Several of the products Andy has worked on have received industry awards for design and innovation.

  • Andy has been awarded two U.S. patents:
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