Andy Thinks

On the Existence of God

Throughout history, philosophers have argued over the existence of God. In modern times, we have public debates over the question of whether the Origin of Man is explained by Creation or by Evolution. I find it most amusing that learned scholars on opposing sides of the debate each considers the other to be a fool. …

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I Forgive You

“I forgive you.” Not because what you did to me was small. It wasn’t. Not because it doesn’t still hurt. It does. Not because you deserve forgiveness. You don’t. I forgive you because you’re just like me. Jesus forgives me. Jesus forgives you. How can I do less? Jesus’ forgiveness reconciles us to God, if …

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Xanga Redux

It was June 2007. Our youngest son, Josh, age 12, would soon be joining his brothers Joe and Jeff at high school in the fall. Jim had just finished his first year of college. And we were all still euphoric after John and Renee’s wedding. My kids were transitioning to adulthood. As their dad, I …

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