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R.I.P. Lucy

Lucy the Cat died quietly last night, surrounded by her human family. Lucy was a rescue animal, born sometime in late January.  My bride brought Lucy home with her one day in early March.  Still a tiny kitten, Lucy brought much life and laughter to our household.  She quickly became part of the family. Lucy’s …

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Meditations on a Cat

Things are not looking good for the Cat.  Lucy has been lethargic the last few days, and her condition worsened since last night, so we took her to the veterinarian this morning. A blood test revealed that her red blood cell count is extremely low.  The vet can only speculate why: Leukemia test was negative; …

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Have It Your Way

The other day my bride and I were in the car waiting in line at the Burger King drive-thru.  We were getting chicken nuggets for E, who was sitting in the back seat.  (Yes, he still eats pizza, too.) She handed me the credit card, which I then handed to the young male employee inside.  …

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