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Meditations on a Cat

Things are not looking good for the Cat.  Lucy has been lethargic the last few days, and her condition worsened since last night, so we took her to the veterinarian this morning.

A blood test revealed that her red blood cell count is extremely low.  The vet can only speculate why: Leukemia test was negative; all vital organs seem to be operating properly.  White blood cell count is normal.

There are other tests that could be done, but Lucy is not strong enough to endure those tests without first receiving a blood transfusion – which the vet said she would have only a 50% chance of surviving in her condition anyway.  And whatever the cause, the treatment would be severe and very expensive, well into the thousands of dollars.

Lucy is not suffering; she is just very weak.  She will probably pass away quietly during her sleep.

Funny how the misfortune of even a cat can bring one to ask some of the hard questions of life.  How far does one go to try to save the life of a cat?  The answer to that question of course, is, “it depends.”  The problem is that the things it depends on are not the kinds of things the Cat would understand.  And they are things that those who are emotionally caught up in the moment don’t want to face.  Because it boils down to the cold truth that it depends on how much we value the Cat.  And nobody wants to admit that a life and death decision was made by doing a simple cost/benefit analysis, and sorry Lucy, but you lose.

Life is precious, life is sacred.  Unquestionably.  Every breath we inhale is a gift from God.  And every day people are thrust into making life and death decisions, not only about their pets, but about their family members too, from their unborn children to their elderly parents.  Someday someone may be making such a decision about me.  And, someday, someone may make such a decision regarding you.  When my time comes, I hope the ones making the decisions will hold me in high regard.  I hope they will not take lightly the decision to let me live or die.  Because I just might want to enjoy just… one… more… breath.

Thanks, Lucy.

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  1. Your little shpeal about the life questions thing is dead on with some of the things I was inspired to think today. I just may copy your post onto my xanga.

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