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My First Blog in My Entire Life

This is the first time I have ever typed anything into a blog. How am I doing so far?

I have an immediate nagging sense that I have entered the realm of “having too much time on my hands.” Sometimes known in some not-so-nice circles as “needing a life.”

Ah, well. Maybe I just need a little addition to my long list of diversions.

I am going to see if any of my kids notice that their dad has now embarked on an activity that models their own good examples. Any comments, boys? Please be kind. This may be not only my first blog entry, but my last as well.

The only thing I have added to this site besides this lone blog entry is a compelling Profile. Be sure to check it out and see what an interesting human being I am.

Here’s a question for you. Which is a better place to waste my time, Xanga or MySpace?

Hopefully soon I will return to sensibility and stop this nonsense.

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7 thoughts on “My First Blog in My Entire Life”

  1. Hello father-in-law 🙂

    Congrats for falling into the world of blogging. I stumbled here some time ago… mostly because of my lonely dorm room. Yet I haven’t seemed to be as fervent in my own blogging as of late. . . perhaps you’ve inspired me to update my own.

    Nice profile picture – i believe it tells a lot about you… Middle-aged man, dressed in a tux, no smile, and yet a clown nose. Does the flower squirt water or champagne?

    At any rate, enjoy your blogging experience, however short lived it may be.


  2. Hi Dad,

    Admittedly, I agree with you that most time spent on Xanga and Myspace is nonsense. I will beckon you back to the realities of life, as I feel it is my duty. Others may encourage the furthering of your exploration, but I cannot. I believe that online information sharing, when used for relational or personal reasons, falls far too short of true human interaction. These systems are often used as an excuse, a scapegoat, a hideout; and they seldom promote love and compassion in any relationship. Most people will tell you otherwise.

    In other ways, I’m glad you are trying new things. Pong can only be played for so long, and even Mairzy Dotes, get’s old to everyone after a while.

    All right, now that I’ve spent ample time building our relationship online, I will sign off.

    Yours truly,


  3. Avatar photo

    yeah… I don’t even have a My-space… or Xanga…

    and you think I waste my time playing videogames…

    well.. I kinda do, but thats off the subject right now…

    I dunno about you, but I think its a little creepy that my Dad… 50 or so years old having an Xanga account…

    well… I am late for a meeting in the World of Warcraft… cya in “life”.


  4. Just thought I’d stamp my name on here since everybody else is doing it. (teehee)

    Oh, and I gave Xanga a shot years ago. All the people that I kept up with back then have moved on to Facebook or MySpace. So even if I did start “blogging” again, my audience would be hmmm… like 3 people.

    I’m in California right now. I found out about Padre’s Xanga through Joe. Oh, and Dad… your brother Dan let one rip at the dinner table the other night (two, in fact). And to top it off, we were talking about cats when he did it. I’d never have thought farts were something one would write home about. But here I am.

    Anyhow, Karen is going to let me drive her 2006 Mustang (ya jealous, Josh?). I rode in it the other night and she said she could hear me smiling in the back. Havin’ a good time so far, and next week things should get even more exciting.


  5. Well actually Dad, I’d say that you have re-entered the realm of having too much time on your hands, if your childhood was anything like mine. Sadly, that time has dwindled some since I was a baby. But even now with school, extracurricular activities, sports, and a job, I still manage to have extra time on my hands.

    Anyway, yes, Dan let a couple go at dinner. There were 2 conversations going on at once, neither of which he was involved in, so I guess he figured no one would notice him “stepping on the duck”. But they were quite loud and everyone probably heard it, and under normal circumstances it would have quickly turned the tide of our dinner conversations. But us well-brought-up children know better when we’re in front of company and kept it hush hush.

    We watched that Planet Earth show after dinner and it was amazing. The shots those cameramen get are truly awe-striking. We should purchase those DVDs sometime…

    Anyway, I’m missing out on quality time with Alan, so I’m going to wrap this comment up. Have fun continuing your pizza-eating endeavor, and I’ll see you when I get back. Bye Dad!

  6. I was framed!! Six yr old Ethan, who has mastered throwing his voice by age 2 (and causing all his unsuspecting pre-school buddies to get their mouths washed out with soap), has moved on to more ambitious ventures, throwing his wind. Dad, unfortunately, has become his favorite target, and has caused me considerable grief on numerous occasions (the awkward situation at the Pastor’s wifes garden party comes to mind) but I swear, I’m innocent. And to think I trusted those Nephews of mine, they will dearly pay in the upcoming ping pong tournament, No Mercy!!

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