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Pizza Survey Results

Things are starting to return to normal now that my helpmeet has returned home to rescue me from my foolishness!

And now, the long-awaited results of Boy E’s comprehensive pizza survey. During the 28 day period from June 23 to July 19, 2007, E sampled no fewer than 19 cheese pizzas from seven different New Hampshire towns. The only rule in the selection of restaurants was that they could not be a place where E had eaten before. He rated each pizza on a general scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the perfect pizza, and 1 representing something almost not deserving to be called a pizza.

Note in the results below that there are a number of ties. Within each group of pizzas with the same rating, the entries are listed alphabetically.

Grand SlamManchester9.5
Pizza MarketGoffstown9
Jimmy’s House of PizzaManchester8.5
Bertucci’sMall of NH8
Merrimack House of PizzaMerrimack7.5
Supreme House of PizzaHooksett7
Kinsley House of PizzaNashua6.5
Alley CatManchester4
Canobie Lake ParkSalem2

I will add that the second-ranked pizza on the list, Pizza Market in Goffstown, was a huge 20 inches in diameter, and was quite a bargain.  Most other large pizzas were 16 inches, with Pappy’s and Domino’s coming in at only 14 inches.

I will also add that the above survey rankings represent ONLY the opinions of boy E, and expressly do NOT represent the opinions of me (his father), the Sifferblog team,, and/or its affiliates and parent company(s).

And there you have it.

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2 thoughts on “Pizza Survey Results”

  1. My dad had a fine suggestion that you should write a short editorial for the Bedford paper (Bulletin or Journal, or both) giving the above opinions of a 12 (nearly 13) year old boy on his favorite food. You could explain your “guidelines” for the judging, circumstances of the decision to try all of these various places, and so on….

    … I would read it.

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